Tactic Games Secures License for Despicable Me Franchise



The minions from Despicable Me have had their own cult following since the film’s release, so much so that they are getting their own film set to be released in the US in July.  To coincide with that Tactic Games has been able to secure the rights to release games based on the Despicable Me franchise as well as the all-new indoor/outdoor game, Minions Hit Them Out.  The game is reminiscent of the old milk bottle carnival games in that you have a set of seven minions that you will arrange on a flat surface (although not in a pyramid), and then with the included ball you will attempt to knock them over.  More points are awarded if you knock over specific minions as opposed to just laying them all out so be careful with your chucking.  The game is for 2+ players ages 5 and up and while no specific date is given for release, they do mention that it will be available for when the Minions movie releases so expect to see it late June to early July.