Solve a crime quickly in 5-Minute Mystery on KS

December 2, 2019 - 7:40am

“Easy to pick up and quick to play, 5-Minute Mystery is great for newbie gamers, busy families, and game groups looking for an ice-breaker. So if you’re ready to cheer as you arrest a frog while a British walrus yells at you, then clear a spot on your games shelf for 5-Minute Mystery!”

The fine folks at Wiggles 3D have a new Kickstarter project in their famous 5 minute line, 5-Minute Mystery. Previous 5 Minute titles by master quintologist Connor Reid, 5-Minute Dungeon and 5-Minute Marvel, have proven to be popular, delightful speed games. In 5-Minute Mystery, the game is played slightly differently. 1-4 Players look at a picture of the crime scene containing variations of 5 shapes – square, triangle, circle, plus and star. But the players need to describe which square is in the picture, the hollow square, the ornate square, or the one with the pips on top, etc. One player is in charge of the “codex”, a rotating device which needs to be set to the exact version of each of these 5 shapes. Once the code is determined to be correct, players get a clue tile, whose barcode may or may not align perfectly with the Culprit tile. Use correct clue tiles to narrow down who the culprit really is from a deck of suspects – if the clue is a necklace, your top pick had better be wearing that necklace. And remember, the players only have 5 minutes to figure out who done it.

5-Minute Mystery will be on Kickstarter through December 19, and the finished game is expected to deliver in September of 2020. The game comes with 28 suspect cards, 28 culprit tiles, 16 clue tiles, 32 scene cards, 16 case files, reference cards and that all powerful magic codex. A mastermind edition is also available for 1-6 players with new, harder cases.

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