Now on Kickstarter from Draco Ideas, Sector 6

December 31, 2016 - 6:17am
Draco Ideas is currently Kickstarting their latest board game called Sector 6, a dystopian game about prisons of the future where funding, and thus resources, are so scarce that they are borderline unlivable.  Prisoners have to compete against each other in order to secure the necessities to life like food, water, and even oxygen, and if you can't then you just won't live long. The game plays in two phases, the first phase you will build the labyrinth that you will be running through and then the second phase is when the contest takes place.  Building the play area is easy as you just take turns placing down tiles until all the tiles have been placed, with starting tiles, oxygen tank tiles, and corridor tiles all making up the play area.  This involves some strategic thinking as you can set things up for yourself and try to hinder your opponents right out of the gate, but they can also do the same to you.  In the second phase you will place out your characters on their start points and start running through the maze.  On your turn you can move one of your two pawns as far as you want along a straight line, then you will perform one of two actions on the tile you left, rotate or collect.  The collect action can be taken if there is an oxygen token on the tile, which you would take and add to your supply for end game scoring.  The rotate action is where things get interesting as you can rotate the tile in order to cut off access or maybe gain access to other areas of the board.  A great mechanic for this action is that there are gear teeth drawn on some of the tiles, and if the teeth are touching on two tiles, when you rotate one the other will rotate as well like a gear.  This can make for some massive shifts in the game board if tiles link up so watch out for that.  In the end, whoever has collected the most oxygen will be the winner of the game. Draco Ideas is aiming to pack a good amount of game into a small box as all that is included are minis for the players, tiles, and some tokens.  The game funded quickly and they have already unlocked female minis as well as a solo mode and other component upgrades through the stretch goals.  So if this game sounds interesting to you, check out their campaign page and pledge today.