Button Shy Games readies their first quarter Kickstarter

December 27, 2016 - 11:50pm
Button Shy Games has taken it upon themselves to be your monthly pocket game supplier, both from Kickstarter and from their monthly micro game subscription service.  So in the new year they are already poised to launch the Kickstarter campaign for their first three games, Avignon: Pilgrimage, Turbo Drift, and Find Your Seats. Avignon: Pilgrimage is a stand alone expansion for the original game, Avignon: A Clash of Popes, and is a tug of war style game where you are trying to bring three people into your congregation.  This version of the game will contain all new characters with new abilities, and there will be enough included to play the game without the base set.  Gameplay itself is easy, pick a card to activate and follow it's actions either pushing cards away from you are pulling them in, first to have three cards on their side is the winner. Turbo Drift is a racing game where you will be drafting cards from a display in order to build your track to victory!  Playing the game is easy as you pick up cards in order to build your track, moving along as you play them in order to reach the goal.  But you and the other players have a special ability, you can 'Go Turbo!', and zoom down all the cards instead of just a few at a time, the down side is that you can crash if you do this at the wrong time.  First one across the finish line is the winner! Last is Find Your Seats, a set collection type game where you are trying to draft the best hand of guests for you to sit next to.  Not much else is said about it but I imagine the cards all play off each other so while some guests together will get positive points, having others nearby my cancel that out or go negative.  Draft the best hand to win the round, win the most rounds to win the game.