Treefrog Games is publishing it's last title, A Handful of Stars

December 22, 2016 - 6:34pm
We reported previously that Treefrog Games was going to stop publishing games and just focus on design, and that time has now come with the publishing of their final game, A Handful of Stars.  This is a sci-fi themed game which uses the same deck-building type mechanics that were started in A Few Acres of Snow, and improved upon in Mythotopia.  A Handful of Stars has you playing one of seven different races in the galaxy that belong to the Voltare Arm, each of which was scattered to the far reaches of the galaxy due to the 'Great Cosmic Ripple'.  Now it is up to you to rebuild your empire to it's former glory through building ships, researching new tech, and riding the waves of the 'Great Cosmic Ripple'.  Like in the games before this one you will have to craft your strategy to use the cards you have and play to your strengths.  The end of the game is triggered after everyone has shuffled their decks a specified amount of times, and hopefully by then you will have the most points to be the winner. There is no firm date yet as to when the game will be released, but Treefrog Games has already stated the design, as well as core mechanics, have been sold to FFG, so it will be up to them to print more copies.  You can read more about the game on Treefrog Games site as well as follow links to be able to pre-order one of the 2500 units being produced.