Coming Soon from Mayfair Games

December 22, 2016 - 9:42am
Mayfair Games has just announced two new games and an unexpected expansion to a game.  The games are Portal of Heroes and Saboteur; The Duel, the unexpected expansion is for Agricola, and that's to raise the player count from 4 to 6.  The Agricola 5-6 player expansion will be the first to be released and will be on store shelves this month, containing all the needed bits and pieces to play the game with up to six people.  It will also include 48 new occupation cards, all which take into account the higher player count so that a 6 player game will still feel like Agricola.  This is surprising in that it seemed Caverna was poised to make Agricola obsolete, but with the flurry of new expansions as of late it seems now to be the other way around. Next is Portal of Heroes, a set collection and action point allowance game where you are trying to score at least 12 power points in order to end, and hopefully win, the game.  On your turn you have three actions to take out of four possible options, take a pearl, clear and refill the display, place a character on your board, or activate a character on your board.  To activate the character you will have to play the pearl combination they need, and it's these characters that will grant you points and other special abilities to help you win the game.  Once you reach the threshold of 12 points the end game will be triggered, and whoever has the most points at the end of the round is the winner.  Look for this card game to hit shelves in January of 2017. Lastly is another game in the Saboteur line and that is Saboteur; The Duel, a two player version of the "bigger" game.  The goal remains the same of being the one to make it to the gold, but now as a two player game you are trying to sabotage your opponent instead of one person being a saboteur.  You can break their tools, collapse their tunnels, or even play locked doors in their path to keep them from their goal.  But remember, while messing with your opponent is good, you still need to make it to the gold first!  Look for this two player card game on store shelves in January 2017 as well.