Upcoming March Releases from Steve Jackson Games

December 20, 2016 - 5:26pm
Steve Jackson Games have announced the games that will be coming out at the end of the first quarter of 2017.  The first of those new releases is the latest Munchkin Guest Artist Edition and this time around it's the base set getting another new coat of paint courtesy of Edwin Huang.  He is best known for his comic series Skullkickers and Street Fighter Unlimited, so his unique art style will bring some life into the drawings of your favorite Munchkin items and abilities. Next up is an expansion for the sixth edition of Ogre, or even the Ogre Designer's edition, and that is Ogre Reinforcements.  This additional pack will get you five 3-D units, 56 counters, and 25 overlays to further expand your armies and battlefields.  Not only that, but you will also get five new scenarios written by the big man himself, Steve Jackson.   Last we have a second print run of the game Munchkin Oz as well as it's first expansion, Munchkin Oz 2 - Yellow Brick Road.  The Oz 2 pack will net you an additional 56 cards to go with your Munchkin Oz set, bringing even more crazy and surreal abilities and items into the game.  Also of note is the Munchkin Oz game was originally a Target exclusive, but now the exclusive is over and you will be able to find both packs on your local game store's shelves starting in March.