Ultra Pro licenses the game Flag Dash from PieceKeeper Games

December 16, 2016 - 11:12am
Ultra Pro's break into the board gaming market through acquisitions continues, and their latest is a licensing agreement between them and PieceKeeper Games to publish their popular Flag Dash game.  They intend to release the game with some minor game and component improvements in March of 2017, and even goes so far to mention expansions and other game improvements down the road.  You can read the full announcement below, and look forward to the game on store shelves in the new year. Under the partnership, Ultra PRO will handle publishing and marketing, and PieceKeeper Games will design further additions to the Flag Dash brand. “We are extremely excited to work with Ultra PRO Entertainment. Having been a loyal customer of Ultra PRO for years, I can attest to their high quality products and am honored to have Flag Dash join their ranks," said Kirk Dennison, CEO of PieceKeeper Games. "This partnership will enable us to build a stronger brand for Flag Dash, share the fun of the game with many more players, and develop new content for the game sooner and more frequently.” “Ultra PRO Entertainment is proud to bring Flag Dash, by PieceKeeper Games, into the fold. PieceKeeper Games’ founders Kirk and Emily Dennison are a fantastic team and Flag Dash is a perfect fit in our portfolio for family and social gaming," said Sean Lashgari, Senior Director Entertainment Division, Ultra PRO. "Our goal is to follow through on the amazing reception Flag Dash received at the 2016 BGG Con this past month, and continue with production estimated to be in stock by March 2017 in time for Spring / Easter sales. The new inventory from Ultra PRO Entertainment will incorporate some minor packaging and component upgrades, and down the road we will focus on expansions and other game enhancements.” Flag Dash A brilliant board game for all ages! In Flag Dash, you play as one of several childhood friends who promised to play their favorite pastime again after they "grew up." Secretly plan your moves to outmaneuver the opposing team in an exciting game of capture the flag! Will your opponents ruin your plans, or will you return home victoriously with the flag? Choose from 6 fun characters with unique player powers and beautiful illustrations, including the Wanna-be Ninja, Modern Cowboy, & Crazy Cat Lady! No two games are alike since there are many gameplay variations. For 2 to 4 players ages 10+, with average play time of 30 to 45 minutes. For card sleeving use 1 pack of Ultra PRO Standard American Board Game sleeves. HIGHLIGHTS & KEY POINTS Upgraded packaging box, rules and more Tactical planning, guessing, and teamwork Simple to learn but great depth of gameplay Wooden game pawns carry wooden flags Family friendly board game of capture the flag Movement programming mechanic High praise from reviewers, including Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower