Celestia expansion hitting stores

December 16, 2016 - 10:28am
Celestia is the highly popular push your luck style game where everyone is a passenger on an air shop traveling through troubled skies.  You will stay on hoping to get farther in to score more points, but stay on too long and you might go down with the ship and get nothing! The expansion, Celestia: A Little Help, aims to bring some cooperative and asymmetrical elements into the game with additional cards and player powers.  The player powers will allow you to manipulate the die results, the cards in your hand, even who the captain for the round is.  Also included are additional cards added to the draw deck with more special abilities, the cards you can give to the captain, and double symbol cards to help you be more card efficient.  Overall if you like the base game, I think this is going to be a must buy, so grab it at your local game store this week.