Button Shy's latest Wallet Game on Kickstarter now

December 14, 2016 - 8:44am
Button Shy Games wanted to make this year special by releasing a new wallet game ever month on Kickstarter, and so with this 12th Kickstarter this year they have accomplished just that.  The latest game is a speed recognition game called Hot Dogs, and it's all about building the best hot dogs.  On a turn there will be a head chef who will pick up a recipe card, they will then read out the recipe and slap the card down anywhere on the table.  It's up to the rest of the chefs to organize their hand of ingredient cards, which are double sided with two ingredients per side, into the order specified on the recipe card and then slap it down at the front of the card.  Once everyone has done this the last person to place their cards takes them back as penalty for being last, and then from the bottom up people are checked to see who matched the recipe the quickest and the best.  The winner gets the recipe card, which also has a special requirement on it that you have to do each turn for the rest of the round, like turn around twice before the recipe card is read.  If you manage to win the turn while holding a recipe card you get a point and the round is over, head chef passes to the next player and another round begins.  The game ends when someone scores three points, thus winning the game, or when everyone has been head chef, then it is whoever has the most points is the winner. Art for this game is goofy as all the hot dogs are pictures of dogs in hot dog buns with toppings on them, so the art reflects the type of game it is, a goofy party like game.  Also interesting is that in this Kickstarter you are able to pledge for ALL of the other games in the wallet series in one shot, so if you missed a couple, check out the campaign page.  They are almost into their final 48 as of this writing, so not much time is left for you to get your copy.