The Godfather Board Game coming in 2017 from CMON

December 10, 2016 - 9:23pm
CMON is flying high with their recent offering on the Hong Kong stock exchange, and some of that elation is from a big upcoming release from the current hot designer, Eric Lang.  That game is The Godfather: The Board Game, based off the iconic film with all the names and faces you expect, even the infamous Don Corleone.  It is being touted as a confrontational worker placement game, with miniatures, where different mafia families are trying to take over the city.  To do that you will have to control different rackets, scheme behind your fellow player's backs, rub out your competition, and even gain the favor of the Don himself.  Whoever can best manage the city's seedy underbelly will be the one to come out on top and be the winner. Just looking at the cover, the art is looking really good for this game, so props to Karl Kopinski who is doing it all.  Release of the game is still a way's off with a planned 3rd quarter release in 2017.