League of Ancient Defenders hitting store shelves in January

December 12, 2016 - 10:40am
Kickstarted earlier this year, League of Ancient Defenders, or LOAD for short, is Prodos Games' attempt at bringing the hugely popular MOBA style of video games to the tabletop.  The game name is a play off of the two most popular variations of the game style, and the gameplay aims to simulate pretty closely the video games along with some impressive looking miniatures.  In the game you will be fighting off wave after wave of minions, collecting gold and experience to level up and collect new items to make your character stronger.  Eventually you will be strong enough to start challenging the tougher minions and even the towers that defend the different routes to the enemy base.  Once through all those obstacles you just have to destroy the spawn points in the base and your team will be the winner! As I mentioned already the miniatures for this game look amazing, and already Kickstarter backers are starting to receive their pledges so the retail release will be coming early in the new year.  Hopefully the game will live up to the hype it has created around itself to simulate the video games, because if it can pull that off then I will gladly get a copy.