Now on Kickstarter from Gaudete Games, Clash d'Ardeche

December 9, 2016 - 10:36am
Clash d'Ardeche, or Campground Tycoon, is a game all about managing and growing your very own campsite, and trying to drive all the other ones out of business.  The first thing you will do in the game is figure out your end conditions, this is because you will draw a type of camp you need to build from family camp, naturist camp, or even a high society camp.  Each one of these camps have requirements on what they need in order to be complete, and it's these amenities are what you will be building up throughout the game.  The game is split into two phases, a low season and a high season.  In the low season you will be expanding your camp and buying up new areas and amenities for your camp, you will also advertise for your camp which will draw in people to stay at your camp.  Then during the high season you will be generating revenue based on the number of tents you are able to put out onto your campsites.  You will then keep repeating these steps until you are able to achieve you final goal.  There is some extra depth in the form of cards you can buy giving special powers, and being able to bribe the mayor, giving you the ability to take things from your opponents giving the game a bit of a take that aspect to it. The game looks good and has some good depth to it as you manage and grow your camp while fending off the advances of other players into your camp.  So if this sounds interesting to you then hurry over to the Kickstarter page to pledge as there is only one week left in the campaign.