Five Seals of Magic from Hobby World coming to Kickstarter in February

December 9, 2016 - 10:23am
Currently released in Russia, and only in Russian, is a dice game called the Five Seals of Magic that will eventually makes it's way to our shores via Kickstarter.  The game itself is a fun looking dice chucker where you are trying to acquire the scrolls that are scattered throughout the tower, but in order to go from room to room you have to break seals.  Each of these seals has both a color and a die value that on your turn you will have to roll to meet or beat that value to be able to break the seal and move forward.  It's the same with the scrolls as well where each one has a die color and value that you have to overcome in order to acquire, which once you have the scroll it gives you a new special ability.  They can range from re-rolling dice, making dice wild, to rearranging the board, and attacking the other players.  Once the tower is clear of scrolls the game will end and you count up points to see who wins. The game and art look solid and the variable scrolls you can use during setup makes for an interesting game.  If you are in Russia then you can already go to your FLGS and pick up a copy, but for those of us in the states, we will have to wait until February 2017 for the Kickstarter before we have a chance to order our copy.