Saltlands coming to stores in the new year

December 9, 2016 - 10:05am
Saltlands is a post apocalyptic survival game where even though your survived the first apocalypse, now you have to survive the horde of raiders that are bearing down on you.  The game is free flowing between cooperative and competitive as you can make and break alliances as you please, and the first group to be able to escape will be the winners.  The game is not very complicated as you take different actions with your survivors by moving around searching for rumors about the locations of the exits to these safe havens.  Along the way you will have to fight raiders, help others in need, and search for gear to be able to make it out alive.  One interesting aspect of the game is that movement is mostly done on modified sailboards that now have wheels attached, meaning the direct of the wind will affect how well you can move.  So, will you be able to survive or will you get overrun? Saltlands was a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year and the manufacturing of the game is well underway, and once Kickstarter backers have their game, retailers will be right after.  In January you will hopefully be seeing the base game of Saltlands as well as the first expansion, Lost in the Desert, on store shelves.  That is, if everything goes smoothly.