Early 2017 - Mine all Mines!

December 6, 2016 - 3:24pm
Mine all Mines is a light fantasy set collection card game in which you control a clan of dwarves to fill orders of precious minerals.  Send your workers down into the mines of the rocky highlands to collect and forge the precious minerals found deep in the mountains.  Each round you delve deeper and deeper and into the mines all while becoming richer and richer.   Your friendly dwarves can either be of much help or reap the benefits of  YOUR hard work.  Win the game by filling the necessary orders and gain a reputation of being the best craftsmen and pleasing the Dwarf King.  Coming February 2017, will you pick the pockets of your fellow miners or stay on the straight and narrow?   Plays 2-5 players, in 30-45 minutes, for ages 14 and up.