Two new kids games being imported courtesy of Lion Rampart Imports

December 4, 2016 - 2:53am
Lion Rampart Imports, Canada's leading distributor of adventure games and all sorts of hobby games, are importing two new kids games.  The first game is called Clearing Coffins, and is a speed recognition game where you are trying to match the symbols on dice to the coffin cards in front of you.  On a turn you will roll two dice, if the symbol and color matches one of the coffins in front of you, be the first to slap the garlic card.  If you are first you get to flip over the coffin, if the combination comes up again and you manage to be first again, you can then get rid of the coffin.  However if the exclamation point is shown on the color die instead of a color, you will get a special action to do instead of the normal one, unless the skull is showing, you don't want to slap on a skull.  First person to get rid of all their coffins will be the winner. Next is a chemistry themed game called Nitro Glyxerol, where you will be rattling around a beaker with different colored cubes in it to get the right combinations.  You can do this because the beaker has a spout at the top that will line up the cubes, but first you will have to shake and twist them around in the base of the beaker to get them to go to the top in the right order.  While shorter chains score you less points, if you take too long on getting a longer chain, someone else might get a shorter chain and mess up the color order for the longer one.  Once you finish a chain you grab the appropriate victory point card, most points at the end is the winner. Look for both these games on store shelves (in Canada at least) this month!