Personalize your copy of Cards Against Humanity!

December 4, 2016 - 10:42pm
In case you were wondering if you could customize your game of Cards Against Humanity with your own content, your curiosity has been satisfied... Being released from Cards Against Humanity LLC is a card pack entitled "Your S****y Jokes"   This pack will come with 50 blank cards, 40 White / 10 Black, allowing you to add whatever content to the game you wish creating a customized version of your game. Does your group have a lot of inside jokes that would be served well in this game?  Do you feel the content is too extreme, and you need to 'lighten the mood' by adding some tamer material?  Do you feel the game isn't raunchy enough and you can do better?  All of these things are now possible with this expansion.  CAH's website states that this also comes with a guide to help you create content for the game that 'doesn't suck'. Love it or hate it, Cards Against Humanity isn't going anywhere and this pack of blank cards allows you to create content for your game in any way you see fit. Cards Against Humanity: Your S****y Jokes contains:
  • 40 White Cards
  • 10 Black Cards
  • Instructions for writing your own cards
For more information on Cards Against Humanity, please follow the link here