Kingdom Death Monster, 1.5 Edition, is now on Kickstarter

December 3, 2016 - 3:28am
Kingdom Death Monster came on the scene four years ago with a Kickstarter campaign that went crazy, raising over $2 million on a game from a brand new company.  Now that original backers have had theirs games for a year now, interest in this highly rated story based fantasy game in through the roof for a slightly updated 1.5 edition of the game.  The game itself is an all encompassing type game where you are survivors of this nightmarish world trying to set up a settlement, but there aren't any natural occurring resources.  So to have the material necessary to build your town as well as your gear, you will have to venture into the world and kill monsters to harvest them for raw materials.  That is the first phase of the game where through story decisions, card play, and some dice rolling you will take your own band of adventurers out into the hellish lands to kill as much as possible without being killed yourself.  After you return then you take what you gained and start building up your new civilization and upgrading your gear so that the next time you are better prepared to fight.  A typical game will last 30-60 minutes and will span one lantern year, and with an entire campaign lasting for 30 lantern years, you will have plenty of game to sink your teeth into. Interest in this game is crazy high, with a base game pledge of $250 it has already raised over $5 million and is barely even a week into the campaign.  Just the massive amount of content in the box is meant for hours and hours of play so it may be worth it, as long as you can look past some questionable miniature model choices.  There are also over a dozen expansion already created for the game so if you ever tire of the base game, there is plenty more to do.  If this sounds interesting to you can visit the Kickstarter page, then figure out what kind of loan you want to take out to pledge for it.