Now on Kickstarter from Inspiring Games, Legends Untold

December 3, 2016 - 2:20am
The folks over at Inspiring Games love pencil and paper RPGs, but like a lot of people they just find it hard to carve out enough time and people to be able to sit down and go through a campaign.  So in an effort to take all the theme and immersion of an RPG, and pack it into a shorter time frame, they have created the card game Legends Untold.  In Legends Untold you are trying to make your way into the city of Dun Mordhain, the last free city that continues to survive the Newcomer onslaught, but getting in is very difficult, as it should be.  So you will be taking your adventurers through different missions of a sprawling 36 mission campaign until they are final able to settle inside the city.  As you travel you will come across obstacles, monsters, and new equipment and items like you would in any good RPG, rolling 3d6 to pass any checks along the way.  How fast you move will also play a hand on what you will find around the next corner, and sometimes the only way out is by fighting.  Can you and you friends make it all the way to the city? Legends Untold looks interesting in that it is very much striving to bring an RPG experience into a card game that plays in about an hour.  They have a demo up so you can download and print it out to give the system a try, which I intend to do myself.  A bunch of stretch goals have already been unlocked as the campaign is at it's half way point, so if you want to give this game a look, check out their Kickstarter page today.