Quick Simple Fun is releasing Hanamikoji in English

December 1, 2016 - 11:38pm
Hanamikoji is an actual street in Japan, and back in the old days one of the most well-known places to find Geisha, Japanese entertainers fluent in the arts.  In the game of the same name you are trying to garner the favor of seven different Geisha masters who have mastered their different art forms.  To gain their favor you will play down items associated with their art like scrolls of poetry, musical instruments, and fans for dancing.  How you play those items is the interesting part as both players have four set actions they must take on their turn before you score.  The actions range from showing a set number of cards and letting your opponent choose a few before you place the rest, discarding cards from your hand, and even placing a card off to the side to play right before scoring.  Once all actions are done, scoring happens, and if you have more cards on a Geisha than your opponent, you win her favor and her points.  Win the favor of 4 Geisha or have a total of 11 points at the end of the round and you are the winner. The art for this game is beautiful and play is very interesting with it hinging on the 'I split, you pick' type mechanic making for some interesting turns.  Sam Healey has already reviewed this game and gave it two big thumbs up as a game he really enjoys.  So for those of you interested in the game you can check out Sam's video review for more information, and look forward to getting your own copy when it's released in mid December.