More monsters and games coming soon from IELLO in early 2017

December 1, 2016 - 9:38am
Iello is really ready for the new year with a handful of new products, so let's take a quick look at the three upcoming releases scheduled for the first quarter of 2017. First up is a small addition to the King of Tokyo and King of New York family - the first in a line of Monster Packs that are planned for the popular pair featuring the cult favorite, Cthulhu. These monster packs will come with a standee, player board, and evolution cards for both Tokyo and New York. Cthulhu also comes with several cultist tokens and a double-sided temple presumably used in conjunction with his unique set of evolution cards. Next is a fast and fun game for 2 to 6 players called The Legend of the Wendigo. Players take the roles of scouts at a campground, who've heard a tale of the Wendigo who now lurks among them. It sounds very similar to Werewolf with each player receiving a hidden role token, one of which is the Wendigo who can "steal" (or most likely, eliminate from play) one other scout at night-time. There's a sand-timer included, and a 10-minute play time on the box which both suggests this plays like a speed version of Werewolf more focus on memory while not trying to be as condensed as the instantly classic One Night series. It'll be interesting to see what other twists in the rules will separate this game from the rest as we learn more about it. Last is a new small-box card game that takes us back to the time of Ancient Egypt. Pyramids is about building the eponymous wonders by collecting the best materials and organizing them for points. As described on the product page,  "Your necropolis, a place of eternal sleep, luxury, and glory, will be made up of Pyramids, Obelisks, and Tombs. Select the best combination of stones in the quarry, optimize their layout, and make your necropolis the most famous in all of Egypt!" That's all we know for now. Keep an eye on the product pages and BoardGameGeek entries linked for more information as these new titles come to retail soon.

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