Terra Nova Games bringing over Matryoshka! from the Netherlands

November 29, 2016 - 1:35am
Matryoshka are also called Russian nesting dolls and are the famous dolls that contain smaller and smaller dolls inside in a descending size order.  Some of these dolls can be very valuable and are a national handicraft of Russia, so a game about collecting these dolls is not far off of reality.  In Matryoshka you are trying to collect the most valuable set of dolls, but what you have is random scattered pieces, you will have to trade to create complete sets.  In each of the four rounds you will put up cards for trade as a set, and then each other player will secretly offer something to you in trade.  You will then pick a trade offer you like and make the trade.  This will go around all players and then you will play out some of your collection to the table, allowing others to see who is collecting what and make better deals.  At the end, whoever has the most valuable collection will win the game. Terra Nova Games has partnered with White Goblin Games to bring this game to the U.S. from the Netherlands. Matryoshka is designed by Sérgio Halaban, designer of Sheriff of Nottingham and Quartz. Look forward to this release in Q1 of 2017, and at the very least check out the great art of the game.