Now on Kickstarter from Infectious Play, Doug Doug Goose Caboose

November 26, 2016 - 10:11am
doug-doug-goose Board gamers often tend to be lumped into the socially awkward category, and for some that holds true, and others not so much, but having a board game to help break the ice is never a bad thing.  So along comes Doug Doug Goose Caboose, this games plays similar to the children's game of a similar name, but instead is all about helping learn other people's names in the group.  To start you have the Goose card, Caboose card, and then enough Doug cards to have one card for each player.  They are shuffled and then dealt out one at a time, calling out what card is being dealt.  Once the Goose and Caboose cards have come out the race is on for those two players.  They will have to call out the name of every player at the table in order, while calling themselves by their goose/caboose card name, and calling the other goose/caboose card holder Doug.  Needless to say this will certainly cause slip-ups as they try to remember people's names, keep the name rules straight, and do it under a time crunch.  Manage to name everyone properly and you get a point, first person to three points is the winner. doug-doug-goose The art for this game is very whimsical and the final product looks to feature a diverse cast of people on the Doug cards so I will give them props for that.  The print and play of the game is only $3 while the full printed game is a measly $9, so the cost of entry is very low, and there's even a tier where you can pledge to become one of the Doug cards.  So if this game sounds like it might help you out, check out the Kickstarter page.