AEG reveals contents of 2016 Black Box

November 23, 2016 - 9:46am
black-box-content Each year AEG puts out a Black Box on Black Friday to kick off the Christmas shopping season with a mystery game, some years it's worked out well, others not so much.  This year marks a departure from previous years in that the black box is now just a black sleeve over a single game, and they are telling us what the game is.  So for the AEG Black Box 2016 you will be getting the new card game called Phase.  Phase is a new card game that is meant to bring back the fun of the old CCG days of card games, in it "players take actions to bring powerful champions into the struggle to control the Nexus. These cards have a duality - good and evil, light and dark, etc. Cards "phase" from side to side as the game is played. This creates wild swings of power, allowing players to quickly shift from attack to defense and create all sorts of wahoo fun combos."  Also of note is that people could find crazy game breaking combos, and AEG is okay with that, in fact there is even a contest of sorts.  Once the game is released they will set up a promotion where you can submit your game breaking combos, if AEG likes them they will send you a shirt commemorating the fact you broke the game.  You can read more about this in the press release and look for the AEG Black Box on stores shelves this Friday!