HABA releases their latest strategy game, Meduris

November 23, 2016 - 9:21am
meduris Meduris is the latest in the strategy game line that HABA has been putting out, and this one seems to be the most complicated one yet.  In Meduris you are trying to score the most points through building huts and temples, collecting runes, and making offerings to the traveling druid.  You will do this through some worker placement where you send your workers to sites to collect resources based on a die roll.  You then use those resources to build huts and temples, but be careful with the huts, the bigger your string of huts the more you have to pay to build one.  When you build huts in certain spots you also get rune stones that can help you, and then there are temples that score based on what's around them while breaking up the settlements into smaller chunks.  Lastly a druid will be traveling around the board and when he gets to a town, you will visit each player in that town to ask for an offering.  If you pay the offering you will score points based on the town size, so you have to decide if the resources are worth giving up or not when he shows up.  Most points at the end of the game is the winner. Tom has already done a video review of this game and given it a Seal of Approval, so look for it on store shelves now or very soon.