Challenge your mind with Asmodee's upcoming game, Braintopia

November 21, 2016 - 2:39pm
braintopia Brain teasers are fun to do when you have some time, in fact Think Fun has a line of brain teaser packs you can buy and go through one by one to challenge your mind.  To hone in on that market Asmodee is looking to release a game that is all about quickly solving these brain teaser like puzzles, Braintopia.  In Braintopia you will flip over a card and on it will be a challenge of some sort like find the missing piece, which two symbols match, find the color word that matches it's color and so on.  Be the first to figure out the puzzle and cover the card with your hand, announce the solution and then check to see if you are right.  Correct answers will allow you to keep the card, incorrect answers discards the card from the game and prevents you from participating in the next challenge.  When you claim a card you can choose to place it in front of you, and then when you win a matching card you get a brain piece, four brain pieces and you win! braintopia-cards One more interesting wrinkle to the game are the tactile challenges, when one of these comes up the last person to win a card gets to challenge it by themselves.  They will randomly select a card from the separate tactile deck and with their eyes closed, try to feel out what is on the textured card.  Get it right and you get the card, if not then the card goes away like normal. You can test your mental power with this game early next year, and you can take a sneak peek at the game on Asmodee's website.