Mantic Games declares All Out War!

November 21, 2016 - 2:29pm
all-out-war Mantic Games is looking to tap into the vast following of the Walking Dead series by bringing it to the tabletop, but you aren't just fighting zombies this time.  In The Walking Dead - All Out War you will be surviving in the barren zombie wasteland that is Georgia, fighting off not only zombies, but other survivors too.  You will take on the persona of characters from the comic books with favorites like Rick, Shane, and Michonne being available to choose from.  More characters are already being planned for release over the coming months so if you end up enjoying the game, more content is already on the way.  The game can be played solo or head to head with your opponent playing an opposing band of survivors, working to take you out.  Look for this new miniatures game to hit stores this month, and look for the character packs to be released each month after.