Get your slice from Bezier Games

November 21, 2016 - 2:26pm
new-york-slice-banner New York Slice is coming soon from Bezier Games and is a distillation of the 'I split, you pick' mechanic where the whole of the game revolves around it.  In New York Slice you are splitting up pizzas according to the number of players, but remember, while you are splitting, your opponents will get first pick.  That means you have to split each pizza so that they are enticed to pick one thing, leaving something that is hopefully better for you.  Some mystery is also added by removing slices at the start of the game, making the information you gather imperfect, and Today's Special cards which offer a range of bonuses to entice people.  After everyone has picked their slices you have the option of eating a slice to score bonus points at the end of the game.  At the end of the game you will score points for pizza types you have the most of, subtracting points for anchovies, and whoever has the most points is the winner. This game is an evolution of the older game Piece o' Cake, and adds a couple layers to the game to give it some more depth.  To see the game in action you can check out the BGG video from Spiel 2016 and look for it on store shelves in January 2017.