Santorini hitting stores at the beginning of the year

November 16, 2016 - 7:50am
golden-fleece Santorini was successfully Kickstarted earlier this year and is an abstract strategy game where you are trying to claim the highest spot on the island.  Play is simple with a two step turn of move and build, and extra layers are added with special player powers that can be used throughout the game to give it more depth.  The components were also stellar with everything happening on an elevated island with nicely designed 3D building pieces to give the game a really nice look.  Fulfillment of the Kickstarter is moving along and looks to wrap up at the beginning of January in 2017, which will also coincide with the game going to retail.  You will be able to buy the base game as well as the Kickstarter extras through a small expansion called The Golden Fleece.  And while I passed on the Kickstarter, the game did pique my interest so I am looking forward to seeing it on store shelves and in reviewers hands.