Alhambra is getting a bigger box

November 11, 2016 - 9:02am
alhambra-big-box-se Queen Games is known for launching Big Box versions of their games when they get to expansion 5 or 6, and Alhambra was no different.  But there is a unique situation with Alhambra in that there have been expansions and spin-off games.  So in true Queen Style they are releasing a new Big Box for Alhambra that will house the base game and all expansions, but also the games Granada, Alhambra the Card Game, Alhambra the Dice Game, and the Gardens of Alhambra.  This means that you will have in one place, anything and everything relating to Alhambra, except for the promotional items.  Look for this on store shelves later this month.