New Booster Pack and Deluxe Upgrade Pack are Coming in 2017 for the Firefly Board Game

November 3, 2016 - 1:14pm
firefly-deluxe-up Gale Force 9's highly rated Firefly board game is getting some new shiny's added in.  The first is a booster pack of cards called Crime & Punishment Game Booster which adds a host of new cards to the Misbehave deck and adds some new elements for the Alliance in the game.  One of the new elements are priority alerts for the Alliance, this makes certain aspects of misbehaving very difficult ranging from shutting down a supply planet to forcing contacts to lay low.  Also included are two new story cards and two new setup cards, adding more variety and replayability to the game. The other pack being released is the Big Money Deluxe Accessory, this is a cosmetic upgrade which improves the quality and look for the money included in the game, or any game for that matter.  It also includes a new denomination, $5000, for when you really hit the big time!  You can preview both of these packs on the Firefly game website, and look for them on store shelves in early 2017.