Gloomhaven hitting stores in early 2017

November 2, 2016 - 7:58am
gloomhaven Gloomhaven, the monstrously sized game with legacy style elements to it will be coming to stores in the early months of 2017.  The game was Kickstarted last year and its fulfillment of the Kickstarter is almost upon us, and backers are very excited to get their game.  Gloomhaven is a dungeon crawler game with a euro-inspired fighting system that maintains loads of theme and branching story-lines as you play through the campaign.  At times in the game you will have to make various decisions, and those decisions will affect the game from then on out.  In the box will be multiple small boxes to be opened as different story element are triggered, changing and morphing the game like a choose your own adventure book.  I am sad that I missed this Kickstarter somehow but the game is making itself out to be something epic like Pandemic Legacy.  Look for it on store shelves in February of 2017.