Everything Epic to Publish Coma Ward - a new horror game

October 31, 2016 - 10:15am
coma-ward-logo Everything Epic, those that brought us Secrets of the Lost Tomb, have announced (via the press release below) their next immersive adventure game, Coma Ward. Coma Ward is designed by Danny Lot and will be horror-themed. Everything Epic Games to Publish Tabletop Horror Adventure Coma Ward Millburn, New Jersey USA - October 31, 2016 - New Jersey-based Everything Epic Games, publisher of the 2015 action/adventure thriller board game Secrets of the Lost Tomb, announced today that it will publish Coma Ward, the debut title from Florida-based tabletop designer Danny Lott. Coma Ward is a horror adventure board game in which the players have awoken in an abandoned hospital with no memory of their former selves, and must piece together not only the situation they find themselves in, but also their own identities and motives, if they hope to survive. Players struggle to maintain their sanity as they explore the derelict hospital, searching for clues to help unravel their predicament and eventually revealing one of several possible hidden phenomena included in the game. The phenomenon dictates each player’s role and win condition -- until it is revealed, players have no idea whether the objective is competitive or cooperative, or whether the other players are friend or foe. Lott’s long-held love of the horror genre inspired him to create Coma Ward, and he cites the unsettling nature of hospital settings as motivation for its unique and terrifying theme. As the owner/operator of Lakeland, Florida-based gaming party service The Game Shelf, Lott’s encyclopedic knowledge of tabletop games and publishers made it easy for him to select Everything Epic. “Coma Ward is an elaborate experience with intricate, often gritty storylines, and it needed a publisher that could give that experience room to grow. With Secrets of the Lost Tomb, Everything Epic demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt that they were up to the challenge of producing Coma Ward exactly the way I’d envisioned it, without cutting corners or sacrificing the thematic elements that make it truly unique,” explained Lott. Everything Epic representatives met with Lott at Gen Con 2016, and after playing the game they agreed that Coma Ward was a perfect fit for their brand. President Chris Batarlis enthused, “With every turn, Coma Ward drew us further into its immersive narrative. It offers players a myriad of ways to interact with the environment and each other without getting bogged down in arcane rules. We knew right away that Coma Ward has that special something -- that -- that makes it a natural fit in our catalog.” Vice President Jim Samartino agreed. “The first time I played Coma Ward, it gave me nightmares. I knew then that it was a truly gripping experience -- one we can’t wait to share with the rest of the tabletop community!” Lott and the Everything Epic team are presently developing Coma Ward with the marketing and editing assistance of Matt Holden, executive director of the Indie Game Alliance. Everything Epic hopes to bring the game to Kickstarter in Spring of 2017.