Coming in November from Petersen Games

October 30, 2016 - 11:05pm
Petersen Games is launching three pretty hefty games in the month of November, and they look pretty good.  The first on the list is Dicenstein, a game of chucking dice and building your own monsters.  The game sounds easy enough where you dig up body parts (dice) and then you roll the dice to see what parts you actually found.  From there you build your monstrosity and go to work killing off your opponents until you are the only one.  The game comes with 117 large dice with monster parts and symbols on each side to correspond to special powers.  So if you want buckets of dice and lots of rolling, look for this game on store shelves in November. The next two games are the initial sets of the board game implementation of the Orcs Must Die video game, The Order and Unchained.  Both sets will give you over 50 minis as well as over 100 equipment cards to equip your heroes with to withstand the enemy onslaught.  The game itself is like a tower defense game where you set up a map, and on that map you will be fighting wave after wave of enemies to keep them from overrunning you.  Survive the three onslaughts of the enemy and you will be the victors.  The difference between the sets is essentially which side do you want to play.  The Order is you playing humans versus the orcs, and in Unchained it's you as the monsters fighting off the humans.  Both sets will be on sale in the month of November so look forward to it.