Leaders of Euphoria: Choosing a Better Oppressor Funding on Kickstarter

October 28, 2016 - 1:53pm
Overworld Games (publishers of Good Cop Bad Cop) has teamed up with Stonemaier Games (publishers of Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia) to bring to you a new strategic deduction game. Leaders of Euphoria is based off Good Cop Bad Cop's gameplay, but has been refined and improved on. Players will join the game on one of two different teams, competing to erase the opposing faction's leader. Taking turns, players can slowly reveal other player's alignments or hinder/assist other players with artifacts from the Old World. One of the major difference of this game compared to Good Cop Bad Cop is the removal of player elimination. If a player is erased, rather than being removed from the game, they switch to a third faction and can then still attempt to win the game by finishing off either faction leaders. As of today, the project will be up for another 23 days and is almost halfway to it's funding goal of $20,000. The game can be pledged for $20 for the standard edition. There is also a deluxe edition ($29),which includes oversize ray guns for you to point at each other and large reversible player mats. Check it out on Kickstarter now!