Two Expansions announced for Conan

October 27, 2016 - 11:32pm
The Conan board game is slowing making it's way to store shelves, and so to continue the hype train, Asmodee has announced two new expansion packs for the game.  Since Conan is a one vs. many style game, one expansion will add to the one side, and the other adds to the many side.  First are the Crossbowmen expansion, this adds a new enemy type to the game for the overlord to use.  They can be deployed as devoted warriors who will use their ranged attacks to harass the enemy, and if the going gets tough they are not afraid to sacrifice themselves to save their leader.  The other way you can deploy them is as snipers who ignore the first point of armor, making them that much more dangerous. The other expansion pack is the Yogah of Yag hero pack, which adds all the necessary pieces for you to be able to field this huge monster of a hero.  This hero's figure is over twice the height of the other characters and so brings a lot of force to bear in both melee and with spells.  He also carries an ability to be able to strike at enemies beyond the grave with one final attack before he is taken off the board. We still have a while to go before you see these on store shelves, but you will find them in the first quarter of 2017 and you can go to Asmodee's site to read more about them.