New 2-Player Starter Set for Guild Ball coming in November

October 26, 2016 - 8:36am
kick-off Steamforged Games is making a push to make Guild Ball more accessible and easier to get into in the second season of the game.  To help in this they are releasing a 2-player starter set for the game called Kick Off! that aims to get players up to speed quickly.  It will have everything you need to play the game;
  • Kick Off! Rulebook
  • Guild Ball Core Rulebook
  • Captain's Handbook
  • 3'x3' Double-Sided Board of the Guild Ball Pitch
  • 12 Colored Plastic Models (Pre-assembled)
  • Player Character Cards
  • 128 Game Tokens
  • Measuring Tools and Templates
  • Guild Ball Dice
The plastic models will be enough to field a Brewers team and a Mason team, which then can be later expanded through the many figures they currently offer.  So if you are interested in getting into this fantasy soccer game then keep an eye out for the starter set to hit shelves at the end of November.