Tapple is getting miniaturized in Tapple 10

October 25, 2016 - 8:10am
tapple-10 Tapple is the mass market game that is all about stringing together words starting with a different letters of the alphabet under a time crunch.  It came with this big letter wheel that acted as both a timer and a way to keep track of which letters had been used already.  If the timer buzzed while on your turn you are out of the round, last one standing gets a point, and the winner was the one with the most points. Tapple 10 is a new micro version of the game and does away with the bulky electronic component and opts for cards and a sleek app for scores and timing, although it does come with a sand timer.  Tapple 10 has ten different ways you can play the game like the standard version of the previous game, and many other variations using the letters and topic cards.  So if you enjoyed the big game and would like to try out a more compact version, head to your local department store to pick up your copy of Tapple 10.