Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction Kicks Off for 2016

October 22, 2016 - 3:34pm
jvmf The Jack Vasel Memorial Fund is one of the most beloved charity organizations in the hobby gaming community, with the commitment to provide financial assistance to members of the gaming community at large who have suffered personal hardship.  Each year, the JVMF holds a charity auction, which is held on BoardGameGeek.com and is anticipated heavily by the gaming community.  The Jack Vasel Memorial Fund is preparing to kick-off its annual auction for 2016, and hopes to exceed last year's auction proceeds, in which $78,700 was raised in 2015. The auction will officially begin at midnight on Sunday morning, 10/23/2016 on BGG and will run until November 14, 2016.  Be watching BGG and The Dice Tower on Sunday morning and show your support by participating in the auction.