Now on Kickstarter from Elan Lee and The Oatmeal, Bears vs. Babies

October 20, 2016 - 10:07pm
bears-vs-babies After achieving a ridiculous amount of success on their first game, Exploding Kittens, Elan Lee and The Oatmeal are back for another light card game.  This time around you aren't trying to avoid a suicidal kitty, this time you are creating hideous creatures to fight off swarms of babies in Bears vs. Babies.  On your turn you will draw a card, if it's a baby you will put it in the center row, if it's a creature part you can hold on to it or add it to your army of creatures.  Each baby and each creature head has a terrain type associated with it, and babies will only attack monsters of the same type.  Two other cards that may come up are special cards that you can use to mess with your opponents or strengthen your creature, or provoke cards.  Provoke cards are what you use to bring the baby armies to bear on your creatures, and which baby army is determined by the provoke card type.  Play a provoke card and all those babies of that type will attack everyone at the table, if the babies are stronger they devour your creature, if your creature is stronger you devour the babies.  Determining strength is easy, just count the number of babies attacking for their strength, and count the number of cards in your creature (plus any special bonuses) and that is your strength.  Play continues until the deck runs out and whoever ate the most babies is the winner. Those who are fans of their first game and the Oatmeal's art will no doubt jump at the chance to back for this game, plus it also includes a completely superfluous NSFW deck add on.  Those looking for something with more depth than the first game will unfortunately be disappointed, either way you can check out the campaign page to decide for yourself.  As of this writing the game has already raised over $1 million in just the first day.