Now on Kickstarter from Grail Games, Medici: the Card Game

October 20, 2016 - 10:03pm
medici-card Medici is one of Reiner Kinizia's classic designs, and it recently got a reprint through Kickstarter courtesy of Grail Games.  Well now they are back to fund the card game version of the game, aptly called, Medici: The Card Game.  This takes the bidding mechanic of the full board game and turns it into a push your luck mechanic with drawing from a central stack of cards.  On your turn you will draw up to three cards from the deck, always drawing at least one, and then deciding if you want more than just the last card you drew.  This goes around until someone reaches seven cards in hand, play then stops and the day is scored, giving out points for what you are holding and what is in your warehouses.  After scoring you take the cards in your hand and put them into your warehouses for scoring in later rounds.  At the end of the third day, whoever has the most points is the winner. While the tight bidding of the board game kept me away, turning it into a light push your luck card game will definitely get me interested.  It also helps that the art is stunning and done by the highly regarded Vincent Dutrait, so I am definitely backing this game.  If you want to join in then head on over to the campaign page to snag a copy for yourself.