Colt Express is going Digital

October 20, 2016 - 9:54pm
colt-express-digital Colt Express is now getting it's own app, with some nice upgrades added in, courtesy of Asmodee Digital and Frima Studios.  Colt Express is a well regarded programmed movement game where you plan out your bandit's movement ahead of time in the hopes of securing the most loot.  What the app will bring is a story to this game in the form of backstories to the characters, as well as giving each of the characters new skills and custom objectives tailored to that backstory.  There will also be a story mode where you can play through over 30 chapters worth of game based on the history of each character, further enhancing them.  And lastly, the game will have online multiplayer right out the gate, a feature I know many people will be wanting, and a built in friends list feature. Look for the app to release on the iOS, Android, and Steam in November of this year.  To find out more you can read the press release on the Gamasutra website.