Notre Game is trying something new with Scratch & Play games

October 20, 2016 - 9:43pm
planet-surprise Scratch off games are most notably associated with the lottery, buy a ticket and hope you scratch off the combination you need to win lots of money.  But what about creating hobby games out of them?  I can't think of any who have tried, and so Notre Game is throwing their hat into the ring with two new games. First is Planet Surprise, a game where you and your opponents are exploring a galaxy, trying to find the most valuable planets.  You will have ten actions throughout the game, but there are 16 planets so you will have to pick and choose which ones you land on.  So for an action you can scratch off a planet to see what you find, or you can direct your opponent to scratch off a planet.  How this can help you is that you will both be exploring the same galaxy, so if you have them scratch off a zero value planet, now you know where not to go.  At the end whoever has the most points is the winner.  This game was launched at Essen so look for it soon. scratch-hwars The other game uses the scratch off trick in a less direct way, and that game is Scratch Wars.  In this game it serves to obscure what card it is you are getting in the pack, you either pick a hero card or a weapon card and scratch away.  The stats on each hero and weapon are going to be truly unique, meaning that the cards you get won't be duplicated.  From there you can equip your hero cards with weapons and battle it out with other heroes using a unique rod spinning mechanism.  Last one standing wins, look for this game to come out in 2017.