Now on Kickstarter from Bully Pulpit Games, Ghost Court

October 19, 2016 - 7:48am
ghost-court So what happens if you are a landlord, and your haunted house had a scheduled haunting that was missed again?  How are you supposed to keep up the haunted reputation without the requisite amount of ghosts?  Well enough is enough, it's time to go to Ghost Court! ghost-court-cards Ghost Court is the latest party game on Kickstarter from Bully Pulpit Games, and while it is called a game, like many good party games, scoring just fades into the background of the whole experience.  In the game you will have a judge who will preside over all the petty disputes Judge Judy style, while the rest of the people take turns being the plaintiffs and defendants for the cases.  People will cycle through and make their arguments for their cases and the judge will pass summary judgement.  While you can keep track of winners and losers, in the end it's all about the experiences you had playing the game. The game has some solid newspaper comic style art and features 20 different cases for you to act out, so if you are interested you can pledge for your copy on the campaign page.