Flash Point Fire Rescue coming to iPad and PC in 2017

October 18, 2016 - 8:27am
flash-point-dig To add to the ever-growing list of board games that are being digitized in one form or another, Flash Point Fire Rescue will be joining their ranks in 2017. Published by Indie Boards & Cards, Flash Point Fire Rescue from Kevin Lanzing  is a cooperative game where you take on the role of a firefighter attempting to rescue victims trapped in a building.  Each firefighter gains a special ability to help the team achieve this goal.  You must be quick, for as the fire spreads,  the building starts to weaken.  This could cut off rooms trapping someone in a room filled with fire or hazardous materials which may explode!  7 victims rescued is a win for the team, whereas 4 victims perishing is a loss. Flash Point Fire Rescue, the digital version, will contain everything that you know and love from the board game.  No setup required...just start up the game and off you go!  The game will launch with 2 maps, lots of victims to rescue, and 8 different firefighters to choose from.  You can play solo, or with friends through online multiplayer. Many more details are still unknown at this time, so be sure to check back with Dice Tower News for further updates. For further information on Flash Point Fire Rescue the board game, please click here and here.