Now on Kickstarter from Dann Kriss Games, Tavern Masters

October 18, 2016 - 7:46am
tavern-masters-comp Tavern Masters is the latest card game being put out by Dann Kriss Games and involves you running your bar and bringing in the most money.  There are three modes you can play, competitive to see who can make the most, cooperative to pool money and pay off a warlord to not kill you, or solo to see if you can pay off the tax collector in time and keep your tavern.  Play is easy with first buying goods and hiring staff from your hand using your collected gold.  From there you will play down any patrons that you want from your hand, those that find what the want/like at your bar will stick around for future rounds.  At the end of the round you collect a gold for each patron you have, and any that don't find what they like will be discarded.  Play continues like this until someone reaches 20 gold, which triggers the final round and then whoever has the most at the end is the winner.  Another nifty aspect of the game is that play is simultaneous, meaning no down time, and trading cards between people is allowed and highly encouraged. The art of the game is quality and the game sounds like a fun filler to play before you head off on your DnD campaign.  If you want to back for a copy then head on over to the campaign page.