Ludicreations' money stolen , and they now need us to Steal This Game

October 17, 2016 - 10:11am
steeal-this-game Unfortunately there will always be ignoble or desperate people who seek to steal or spoil, hidden and walking among kinder souls. Such a person stole from Ludicreations during Essen on Saturday, October 16th, and such a theft for a small publisher is a blow of incredible magnitude. The company that has brought to us ...and then, we held hands, [redacted], and the recently Dice Tower Approved Mythe has the most endearing solution to overcoming this devastating loss: create a game. Ludicreations spent Saturday night quickly developing the nanogame Steal This Game which is available on Kickstarter immediately as a method of recouping the money that was stolen. As described on their campaign page:  "Imagine for a second that you are selling your latest board game at Essen. You recruited volunteers, set up demo tables, and built up your booth. Your games are selling like cardboard hotcakes. All is well until you turn around, and your shiny new cash box is gone...This is Steal This Game, based on a true story." The board-gaming community that I know and love is composed of some of the most welcoming and generous souls. It's this community that allows the act of sitting down together to play a game to be an immensely fulfilling and wondrous hobby. It's also that indomitably benevolent spirit that Ludicreations needs to overcome this dark spot during one of the most celebrated times of our gaming calendar. I am relieved that as of writing this, the outpouring of support has come as fast as the news has spread and the Kickstarter has already generated almost $8,000. The game itself is for 2 players, coming only as a printed postcard. The components are cut out, with the remaining material acting as a portable playmat.  Players must provide a pair of dice, which facilitate hidden choices and bluffing between players. It's incredibly light of course, but it is prominently for a good cause. For a demonstration of what I'm writing about, please watch this demonstration by Rahdo, whom we all owe thanks for giving the charity a necessary push. I couldn't help but feel sad while watching the description of the game, and how tongue-and-cheek it represented of an incident that happened only hours earlier. There was a brief moment of something beautiful I noticed, though...when those playing had a laugh over calling a bluff.  The game is impressively representative of the moment that created it and the collective will our community and creators possess to prosper and play. There was no hesitation for me to back this Kickstarter, and should you do so as well I am certain it will be greatly appreciated.

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