The Dice Tower at Essen

October 15, 2016 - 9:31am
dice-tower-essen-banner Essen is in full swing and the game pictures have been rolling in, below are some of the more interesting ones that have been posted. First is a new way to learn games and that is through the freshly launched app called Dized.  While there is only one game up on the app right now, they fully intend to continue adding games to the app so you can more easily learn games instead of sitting and reading through the rulebook. Next is a new slew of promos in the form of the 2016 Board Game Advent Calendar, so another big box with spots to open each day with new promos for popular games.  Some of the games in the box this year are Zooloretto, King of Tokyo, Karuba, Mysterium, and many more. In the category of best use of a box for a game we have Baumeister des Colosseum, where you build a colosseum out of cards with the box.  It looks cool, and designed by acclaimed designer Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, who did Carcassonne, so it has a good chance of being good. Here is another example of a funny game just taken to another degree, and that is Pie Face Showdown.  Now it's a battle between just two people, and one of them is going to get it in the face, hopefully it's not you. Last to round it all out is a picture of a game you can't buy, but another in the long line of giant sized convention games, and that is Super Klask.  Essentially Klask on a giant board and meant for 6 people. Those are just a taste of the things the Dice Tower crew has seen and photographed at the fair, if you want to see more than head over to the Dice Tower's twitter for more.