Cacao expansion hitting stores soon

October 13, 2016 - 9:25pm
cacao-exp Cacao is a tile laying game where you are playing out tiles of your color which determine how often you activate adjacent tiles to collect cacao, water, or sell cacao for gold.  The base game is a lot of fun and it has two promos out for it already that add some variety, but now there is an expansion coming.  In Cacao: Chocolatl you will finally be able to process the cacao you collect into chocolate bars, but that is just one of the new things in this expansion.  The expansion will come with 4 separate modules that you can mix into your game as you like, they are:
  • The chocolate module includes three chocolate maker tiles, three chocolate markets and twenty wooden chocolate markers. Chocolate is made out of cacao at the chocolate maker tiles and can be sold at a high price but only on special markets.
  • The huts module includes twelve double-sided huts you can acquire during the game. They give their owner special powers during the game or extra points when fulfilling specific conditions.
  • The irrigation module includes three special plantations where you can harvest a lot of cacao fruits but must pay with water.
  • The maps module includes a preview board for two more tiles that are visible near the draw pile. Each player receives two map tiles at the beginning of the game, and for each tile spent he can also choose from the preview board when filling up spaces on the board.
I am looking forward to this expansion to bring more variety and depth to an already great game.  This expansion will be arriving on store shelves very soon so keep a look out for it!